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                  Calculation method of stainless steel elbow pressure

                  Source:http://www.fimell.com/ Posted on:2016-12-05 23:47:21


                  Stainless steel elbow 201 and 304 pressure difference: the strength (pressure to accept) in terms of 201 stainless steel high, because 201 stainless steel containing Mn (Mn) high carbon content of 201 stainless steel is high, the strength of the two alloys (pressure to accept) Of the mechanical properties of 304 stainless steel is good. But the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel than 201 stainless steel two levels, the middle and stainless steel 301. "Pressure to accept only depends on the health-grade pipe wall thickness" This sentence is right, thickening point.

                     201 steel yield point 275MPa, tensile strength ≥ 520MPa, elongation of 40%

                     304 steel yield point 205MP anti-resistant strength ≥ 515Mpa, elongation of 40%

                     The yield strength of these two materials is not the same, with the tube, can use the cylindrical thin-walled pressure vessel calculation method: P * D / 2δ <σt

                     P: pipe internal pressure, D: pipe diameter δ: pipe wall thickness σt: design temperature allowable stress. Two kinds of data strength, that is, allowable stress is not the same, wall thickness is not the same, then the pressure is not the same. If the wall thickness of 304 sanitary fittings to accept the same pressure.

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